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Poem Analysis "This too shall pass" by Helen Steiner Rice

Gerardo J. Colon                                                                                                                 May 20, 2015
English 3222
Introduction to Literature II

Dr. Carmen González-Alfano

This Too Shall Pass

If I can endure for this minuted
Whatever is happening to me,
No matter how heavy my heart is
Or how dark the moment may be-

If I can remain calm and quiet
With all the world crashing about me,
Secure in the knowledge God loves me
When everyone else seems to doubt me-

If I can but keep on believing
What I know in my heart to be true,
That darkness will fade with the morning
And that this will pass away, too-

Then nothing in life can defeat me
For as long as this knowledge remains
I can suffer whatever is happening
For I know God will break all of the chains

That are binding me tight in the darkness
And trying to fill me with fear-
For there is no night without dawning
And I know that my morning is near.

Poem Analysis:

Tone: The author of this poem is using a calm tone.


Elements of Poetry present in the poem: Allusion, Mood is serene, Alliteration and it has rhythm.

Message by Author: The author is sending the reader a message to be calm and trust the plan of God. She is saying that no matter what situation you're going through, you should just relax because is going to get better. Like the famous "refran" we say: "No hay mal que dure cien años, ni que por bien no venga".

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